Thursday, September 27th, 2012

UPDATE Koch Responds to Dishonest Ads from the President’s Allies

Harry Reid, the second most powerful Democrat in the country, and two major unions have teamed up with a George Soros-funded advocacy group to pour money into commercials that are falsely attacking Charles Koch and David Koch.

Patriot Majority, a political organization affiliated with Sen. Harry Reid that doesn’t disclose its donors, has to date spent a million dollars on dishonest ads that misrepresent Charles Koch and David Koch’s positions on many issues as part of its multimillion dollar ad campaign. (The hypocrisy of such a group criticizing Koch for funding “secretive” political organizations is impossible to ignore.)

For example, the ad claims that the Kochs are trying to get “special benefits” that “favor” them from Congress when the truth is that Charles Koch, David Koch, and Koch Industries have consistently opposed subsidies and cronyism, as has been explained herehere, and here.

In addition, the ad falsely claims the Kochs are trying to “destroy” the middle class, when, in fact, Koch Industries employs tens of thousands of Americans in good paying jobs, including in manufacturing.  The simple truth is that the Kochs have consistently supported economic freedom, which history has proven time and again is the best way to advance societal progress – especially amongst the poor. Surveys around the world show that countries with higher levels of economic freedom also have more prosperity and freedom.

What is really going on is that Harry Reid, George Soros, and others who oppose our ideas are attacking Charles Koch and David Koch, two of America’s most successful job creators, because they disagree with the Kochs’ exercise of their First Amendment rights of free expression.

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