Monday, January 6th, 2014

Rachel Maddow Deliberately Misrepresents the Facts then Refuses to Admit It

Over the past few years, we have documented MSNBC’s dishonest and distorted coverage of Koch. Throughout that time, we have tried to engage with the network in good faith.

Most recently we raised concerns about Rachel Maddow’s coverage of us. As can be seen in the email thread attached, despite advising Ms. Maddow that we were not involved with the Florida law concerning drug testing of welfare recipients, she claimed otherwise on her show. When we sought to have the record corrected, Ms. Maddow refused to concede she was wrong. Ms. Maddow’s failure to admit her dishonesty is disappointing but not surprising given her and her network’s past pattern of obsessive, inaccurate and misleading coverage of Koch.

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