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Notable Links Digest – July 25, 2011

HBO’s ‘Newsroom’ Cherry-Picks Soros-Funded Think Progress Video to Smear Koch Brothers
NEWSBUSTERS — Noel Sheppard

As NewsBusters previously reported, HBO’s The Newsroom has used information for its scripts from material provided to it by the far-left, George Soros-funded propaganda outlet Think Progress.  On Sunday, the show cherry-picked six seconds – yes, I said six seconds! – from a highly-edited TP video to smear conservative businessmen Charles and David Koch

Free Speech Trumps First Amendment
CATO – Caleb O. Brown

If you watch HBO’s “Newsroom,” you may have seen Cato, IJ and others get a quick namedrop in relation to the Citizens United Supreme Court case. Actor Jeff Daniels misstates the holding of the case, claiming that Citizens United “allowed corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to any political candidate without anyone knowing where the money was coming from.”

But, you see, this just shows Aaron Sorkin’s unwavering commitment to realism in his shows. Reporters regularly get the holding of Citizens United wrong. After all, if reporters were crystal clear that Citizens United cleared the way for all manner of groups to use “corporate treasury funds” to fund broad and overtly political statements about candidates, they would inevitably conclude that their own right to make those kinds of statements would be jeopardized by much of the campaign finance regulation on the books prior to Citizens United.

The Newsroom’s Latest Blather: Kochtopus! Citizens United! We’re All Pawns!
REASON — Scott Shackford

It’s also quite amusing that these “media elites” have also apparently never heard of the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation, have no idea what they are, what they stand for, or anything that they’ve done. If McAvoy were the rational Republican he claimed to be in a previous episode he would know full well about the Cato Institute’s efforts toward both civil and economic liberty (just this past weekend Cato Scholar Walter Olson held a benefit to encourage conservative support for gay marriage equality). He would likely be familiar with the Institute for Justice’s efforts to protect average citizens from oppressive government agencies trying take their homes and hand them over to rich corporations.  He should know what ultimately happened in New London following the Kelo decision. McAvoy would love those groups. But because McAvoy isn’t what Sorkin thinks McAvoy is because Sorkin doesn’t really understand any of this and doesn’t really want to, we just end up with this stupid, thoughtless repetition of stuff Sorkin wishes were true.

It’s Not Corporate Speech. It’s HBO.

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