Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Notable Links Digest – February 29, 2012

Laura Ingraham on the Koch Controversy
Fox News – Laura Ingraham and Megyn Kelly

Not News: Koch Bros. Hit Back at Laughably False Obama For America Email
Newsbusters – Tom Blumer

Imagine if a Republican campaign organization attempted to raise money by going after billionaire Barack Obama fan Warren Buffett by claiming that Buffett is making a lot of money at the pump because of higher gas prices. The press would immediately pounce and say that it’s not true, because even though Buffett could be benefiting from the President’s cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, the Odious Oracle of Omaha doesn’t own enterprises which sell gas at retail.

Well, Team Obama at the Obama For America campaign organization just did the same thing to the Koch Brothers a couple of days ago, and as expected, we haven’t heard a peep from the establishment press about the related blatantly false email. A search on “Koch” at the Associated Press’s main national web site returns nothing relevant, which is also the case with the same search at the New York Times.

Koch Industries: Obama Trying to Chill Free Speech and Squelch Dissent
Washington Free Beacon

Ellender rejects Messina’s assertion as “false,” though he allows for the possibility that Messina simply misunderstands how commodities markets work. “We own no gasoline stations and the part of our business you allude to, oil and gas refining, actually lowers the price of gasoline by increasing supply. Either you simply misunderstand the way commodities markets work or you are misleading your supporters and the rest of the American people.”

In the letter, Ellender further states that it is false that either Koch Industries or its owners have pledged $200 million to the campaign against Barack Obama. Ellender says “we have stated publicly and repeatedly since last November that we have never made any such claim or pledge.  It is hard to imagine that the campaign is unaware of our publicly stated position on that point.”

Koch Brothers Fight Back Against Smears
The Rush Limbaugh Show – Rush Limbaugh

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