Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Notable Links Digest – October 16, 2014

Hey, Big Spender
National Review Online

Then, of course, there is the experience of the Koch brothers, Charles and David, who have been featured in dozens of television ads, verbally flayed by Senate Democrats throughout the election cycle, and lambasted by Reid for everything from “actually trying to buy the country” to being flat-out “un-American.”

The Kochs, who in 1986 sat for a lengthy New York Times profile chronicling the family’s disputes and dramas, are today in virtual hibernation. Many Republican donors have followed suit.

“All the attacks on us definitely sent a message to people that if you support what we’re for and what we’re doing, you’re going to pay a price,” says Mark Holden, who serves as general counsel for Koch Industries. “And while some people are still willing to go forward, other people, understandably, aren’t willing to pay that price.”

RFK JR.’S Unhinged Attack On The Kochs Besmirches The Kennedy Name

Koch has contributed roughly $1.3 billion to charity for medical research, education, culture, the arts, and policy studies.

It’s an incredible story. Besides the Met museum, he just announced a $100 million donation to New York Presbyterian Hospital. He’s given $185 million to MIT, and another $100 million to Lincoln Center. The list goes on and on.
At the end of that speech at the Met, David Koch said he hoped his legacy would be that he “did his very best to make the world a better place.” That legacy is firmly in place.

Robert Kennedy Jr. should be ashamed of himself. Blissfully unaware of the scientific facts and existing solely in his self-centered world, he insults one of America’s great benefactors and stains the greatness of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, and his father, Robert F. Kennedy.

Democrats outraising Republicans as election nears
Fox News

Despite outrage from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats about billionaires like the Koch brothers donating to the GOP, statistics show Democrats are outraising Republicans this election season.

Sheila Krumholz of the Center for Responsive Politics estimated, “the Democratic senatorial campaign committee has raised $111 million compared to $82 million for their Republican counterpart.”

Even when you take all sources of money, from all donors for all races, the Democrats still lead. “It’s about $595 million for the Democrats, and about $450 million for the Republicans,” Krumholz said.

Begich, Reid lead the league in hypocrisy
Alaska Dispatch News

But Reid, Begich and Co. have an ugly secret. The campaign against the Kochs is a lie – a very big, very bold, very calculated lie. The Kochs, it turns out, are not the problem when it comes to big money in Alaska elections – not by a long stretch.

Federal Election Commission records analyzed by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics show hypocritical Harry Reid is the problem when it comes to big outside money flooding into campaigns.

He is closely linked to an independent expenditure group, the Senate Majority PAC. It is the top outside spender when it comes to campaigns, the FEC says – and not just in Alaska but across the entire nation. At last report, it had spent $34.5 million. In Alaska, it almost single-handedly is paying for Begich’s independent re-election effort.

The Koch brothers? They are nowhere near the top of the list.

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