Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Letter in response to Kenneth Vogel’s piece “The Battle to Define Charles and David Koch”

Dear Mr. Nichols,

I’d like to raise a concern on behalf of Koch Industries regarding Kenneth Vogel’s piece, “The Battle to Define Charles and David Koch.” As I am sure you know, Mr. Vogel was a senior associate at the Center for Public Integrity prior to joining Politico. What’s troublesome about that is that CPI has long received funding from backers of many of the same groups cited in Vogel’s piece as critics of Koch Industries. Unsurprisingly, CPI has also been a frequent critic of our efforts.

So in a story that purports to examine — and that takes pains to point out an ancillary funding connection of ours to the Weekly Standard’s Matt Continetti — Vogel’s own similar affiliations are hidden from readers. I’d like to ask how this seemingly basic issue of disclosure could have gotten past editors and how Politico justifies putting Vogel on the story in the first place?


Philip Ellender
Koch Industries

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