Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Koch Responds to Rep. Waxman’s false public comments

“A series of ongoing, politically motivated attacks by Representative Waxman and others are part of an orchestrated campaign to demonize an American company with 50,000 U.S.-based employees. This should be concerning to all Americans who exercise their Constitutional right to free speech.

At a hearing of the Committee on Energy and Commerce on January 25, Rep. Henry Waxman repeated several demonstrably false statements he had made earlier this year, asserting that Koch has some financial stake in the Keystone Pipeline project.  In particular, Mr. Waxman said at the hearing, ‘We learned that [Koch] told the Canadian government they have a direct and substantial interest so something does not add up.’

As we have previously stated, Koch Industries has no financial stake in the Keystone pipeline and we are not party to its design or construction. We are not a proposed shipper or customer of oil delivered by this pipeline. We have taken no position on the legislative proposal at issue before Congress and we are not cited in any way in that legislation.

In response to the repeated false allegations by Representative Waxman and some news media, Koch has consistently and repeatedly stated (including hereherehere, and here) that we have no financial interest whatsoever in the Keystone pipeline. In addition, this fact has been verified by TransCanada’s CEO here. Further, the notion that Koch as an intervenor means that we have an interest in the project has been completely debunked here.

An ‘intervenor’ status in the proceeding does not mean that the Koch subsidiary at issue has a financial or ownership interest in the project.   Here is a list of all intervenors, which includes Sierra Club Canada, Alberta Federation of Labour, several First Nation groups, other companies, and numerous individuals.”

– Philip Ellender, President, Government and Public Affairs, Koch Companies Public Sector

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