Friday, January 20th, 2012

Koch Responds to Obama Campaign Ad

“President Obama’s first TV advertisement of the 2012 political season refers obliquely to Koch while claiming credit for a thriving energy sector. It’s a message that is divorced from the facts, and only makes sense to a federal bureaucrat or a campaign focus group. In reality, the Administration has been ambivalent or, more often, outright hostile to many of the affordable and practical solutions that would increase America’s domestic energy supplies, including pipelines and offshore drilling permits.

While the Obama2012 campaign pays political consultants to create misleading ads and talking points, Koch employs nearly 50,000 American workers who create value every day and contribute to the economic prosperity of their communities and our nation. With the nation’s unemployment rate at more than eight percent, it is unfortunate that the President demonizes Koch and other job creators for political gain rather than create an environment that will promote job growth and help businesses and the people they employ flourish.”

–Philip Ellender, President, Government and Public Affairs, Koch Companies Public Sector

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