Friday, August 19th, 2011

Koch Sets the Record Straight on Wake County Falsehoods

Recent reports of Koch involvement in 2009 Wake County (North Carolina) School Board elections that have appeared in partisan media outlets are false. No candidate in the Wake County School Board election received funds or support from any Koch family member or the company’s political action committee, KochPAC.

The Wake County School Board claim is not a new one and has been debunked, most notably by Newsweek earlier this year and in the Washington Post. Partisan “progressive” activists recently have resurrected the tale and further embellished the ugly and baseless racial charge. This unfortunate but increasingly common political tactic is apparently intended to stigmatize opponents even if the underlying accusation is completely false.

The truth is that the Koch companies, Charles Koch, and David Koch have invested millions of dollars to improve education, and promote diversity and opportunity among all Americans. We believe that helping individuals develop their full potential is the best way to ensure prosperity and the highest quality of life for the most people.

Here are some examples of our track record.

Koch has:

  • Supported organizations that promote diversity, including Women’s Business Enterprise, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the National Society of Asian American Professionals.
  • Founded and funds Youth Entrepreneurs serving at-risk high school students in Kansas, Missouri and Atlanta.
  • Given more than $1 million in direct and indirect support to USD 259 in Wichita, including the donation of 43 acres of land for Stucky Middle School.
  • Funded Project IMPACT, a diversity initiative at Kansas State University, with $180,000 given by Koch Industries and $220,000 given by the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation.
  • Sponsored the Kansas Science Olympiad in 2010 and 2011.
  • Funded student and teacher programs given by the Bill of Rights Institute and Gilder Lehrman Institute.
  • Funded programs such as Junior Achievement, 100 Black Men, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Salvation Army, all of which offer programs that benefit students.
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