Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Exposing the Dishonest Methods of Brave New Foundation

In recent days, we have received numerous voicemails from staffers at Brave New Films, a fringe, left-wing activist video production group associated with the Brave New Foundation. The callers variously demand that we “defend ourselves” from points made in recent videos of theirs.  But the videos in question are intellectually dishonest and our positions are well known, including these facts that are detailed publicly here.
Our positions on these issues have been ignored by BNF because their videos are agenda-driven propaganda.  As Robert Greenwald from BNF once explained at a public conference, “I don’t believe that truth-telling means giving equal
time to all points of view.”  Accordingly, we are posting here several examples
of BNF’s attempts, through their phone calls (and their unsuccessful efforts to hang up the phone), to gather material for another, apparently upcoming, propaganda video.

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