Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Debunking Conspiracy Theories in Wisconsin

Earlier this year, Koch became the object of considerable misinformation and mischaracterization in Wisconsin as news media and liberal bloggers attempted to link us to the state’s budget repair bill. We stated at the time that these assertions were false and ultimately even the media that had spread this misleading story were forced to recognize that it was false.  We see a similar ploy emerging today as an obscure, secretive blog in Wisconsin makes a conspiratorial claim that Koch is involved in a “covert…expressway of influence” in Wisconsin to advance mining legislation in the state.  Koch would “profit greatly,” so this blogger’s theory goes, “through materials and systems for [Koch's] mining operations.”

Before another lie gains traction, these are the facts: Koch has no mining operations in Wisconsin, no plans for any such operation, no financial interest in the proposed iron mine in the state, and has taken no position on any Wisconsin legislation related to mining.  Koch companies have never been involved in lobbying for this bill, either directly or through any other party.  Any suggestion that Koch companies or any of our 3,000 Wisconsin employees are secretly pursuing this project is flat out false.

The blog, by the way, is written by anonymous authors.  Readers would be right to question why the bloggers are so worried about alleged ”shadowy” participants in Wisconsin public discourse, yet conceal their own identities from the public.

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