Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Notable Links – Bloomberg’s Shoddy Journalism

Bloomberg Whiffs, Part 1

“So the supposedly explosive charge that Bloomberg chose to headline–Koch “flout[ed] the law” and acted “in defiance of a U.S. trade ban” is simply false. Koch did no such thing; what is more, unlike hundreds of other American companies, it has voluntarily gone beyond the requirements of the law and has, in more recent years, prohibited all subsidiaries from doing business in Iran.”

Bloomberg’s Exposé Reveals What Exactly?
The Atlantic

“Some reporters’ bias cuts so deep that it causes them to produce an article that squints too hard to see smoke when there is no fire. Unfortunately, such an article was produced this week by Bloomberg Markets Magazine on Koch Industries.”

Bloomberg Whiffs, Part 2

“The Koch subsidiary’s termination of Mrs. Egorova-Farines was held to be amply justified. But Bloomberg didn’t want you to know any of that. Bloomberg, motivated by political animus against the Koch brothers, wanted you to get the impression that she was a heroic whistle-blower who was fired for lifting the lid on another employee’s improper payments. This is the sort of dishonesty that pervades the entire hit piece.”

The Bloomberg Hit Piece on the Koch Brothers
National Review

“Koch Industries is, of course, a privately held company and has no obligation to publicly disclose any details at all. In fact, it’s not so different in this respect from the privately owned Bloomberg, L.P. Want to know what Bloomberg’s revenues and profits were last year? You’ll have to rely on leaked company memos and educated guesses from analysts, because, you know, Bloomberg is obsessed with secrecy.”

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